Do’s & Don’ts After Flood Damage

Do’s & Don’ts After Flood Damage

Within hours or even minutes, your carpet can become soaked with water because of a leaky pipe, broken appliance or heavy rainfall that seeps into your home. To frustrate things, mold begins to develop within just 48 hours after water damage occurs, ruining carpets, furniture and other belongings.

It’s true carpets and furniture can be saved, but certain things must be done—and not done—to ensure items are thoroughly clean and safe again for use. Here’s a quick list of what to do, and what to don’t.

-Try to sop up the water with towels, hoping that will do the trick
-Assume that just using a shop vac and turning on fans will work, either.
-Rely on plumbers to correctly address wet or damp carpets

-Open windows in all rooms where damage has occurred.
-Turn on fans.
-Remove furniture and other belongings.
Call Steamer’s Carpet Care ASAP after the flood damage is discovered to get technicians out to your house. You don’t have time to lose.

Water damage is not something even the best “DIY-er” should try to tackle. Professional water extraction utilizes industrial-powered vacuums and dehumidifiers to dry out carpets and furniture, followed by a comprehensive cleaning process that effectively removes harmful bacteria and related odors.

The health of your family is at stake, as is the money you spent on your carpet, so call the San Antonio water extraction professionals at Steamer’s Carpet Care when flooding damage occurs. You can reach us at (210) 654-7700.