How To Choose A San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company

How To Choose A San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company

How To Choose A San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company

carpet cleaningWhat a great year we are having this year.  The drought is finally over and South Texas is getting rain on a regular basis.  People all over South Texas can rejoice that we actually have green grass instead of straw, and that our water bills are a little lighter.  Of course rain is great for many reasons, but it doesn’t help us keep our carpet clean.  Wet shoes and dogs with wet feet provide a shade of grey on our carpet that requires us to get our carpets cleaned more often.  So who do you call for carpet cleaning services in San Antonio?  The carpet cleaning industry has an entire cast of characters to choose from.  Some San Antonio carpet cleaning companies are good, some are fair, and others are downright scary.

Carpet Cleaning Reputation Is Important

How do you choose a San Antonio carpet and rug cleaning company?  My advice is to first look for an independent local company.  That is a good step but even some of the local companies can be a choice that you might regret.  So you will need to do your research.  The internet provides a lot of opportunities for research into the reputations of each company.  You can search for reviews on Google and sites such as Angie’s List to get an idea of what to expect from their services.  The next step in locating a great San Antonio carpet cleaning company is to call the company.  You will learn a lot with this step.  First of all, do they even answer the phone or does the call go straight to voicemail.  Good companies will not skimp on this part and will keep good staff ready at any time to answer the phone.  The next thing to observe is how do they answer the phone?  Are they kind and sincere?  Do they offer explanations for your questions and concerns?  A good company does more than answer the phone and book the service, they take care of their clients’ needs.

A Carpet Cleaning Process Is Also Important

Next on the list in finding a great carpet cleaning service in San Antonio would be to look at their cleaning process.  Most carpet cleaning services in San Antonio will use truckmounted units, and if they do not, I would stay away.  Truckmounted units provide the right heat, pressure, and suction to get carpet clean.  But it doesn’t end there.  The process is also important to carpet cleaning.  Companies should vacuum the carpet before starting, and there should be procedures for insuring that your home is cared for properly.  Among other procedures, the cleaners should pre-condition the carpet, working on stubborn stains, and bring in fans to help jump start the drying process.

We hope that this helps in choosing a carpet cleaning company in San Antonio.  At Steamer’s Carpet Care, we provide San Antonio carpet cleaning  for customers from San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Seguin, Bulverde, and Canyon Lake.  From answering the phone to cleaning your carpet, we have trained staff that can help you along the way.  We have a 14-step carpet cleaning process that will help get your carpet as clean as possible.  Also, if the kids and dogs have also got your upholstery looking grey as well, we also provide upholstery cleaning in San Antonio too.  Ask a friendly Steamer’s Carpet Care representative on how we can get both your carpet and upholstery looking great!

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