Carpet or Wood Flooring: Three Reasons to Choose Carpeting

Carpeting or wood floors? It’s an age-old question for homeowners. But should it be? Below we’ve ranked our top 3 reasons why carpeting is often the better choice.

1. Less Noise – So it’s 8AM on a Saturday, you don’t have your alarm set, and you’re planning on staying in bed until at least 9 or 10. But then someone starts clapping around your wood-floored living room in boots or high-heels. Maybe they turn on the T.V. or put on the radio. Suddenly there’s so much noise that you’re wide-awake and irritable. While carpets tend to dampen household noises like TVs and walking, wood floors magnify sound. Carpeting in a living room or bedroom is a good way to turn down the volume in your household.

2. Warmth – Another unpleasant morning sensation is walking across a cold, hardwood floor in bare feet. Particularly in the winter months, hardwood floors can feel like sheets of ice. Carpets, on the other hand, always maintain a natural, comfortable warmth. They’re perfect for intimate living room settings and provide a nice warm landing for getting out of bed.

3. Color choices – Carpet can be matched to fit the color of your furniture and your home. Since carpeting comes in so many varieties it’s easy to find the perfect carpet for any given space. For rooms that feel dark or small, its best to get a light-colored carpet to open up the space. Meanwhile, large rooms can benefit from darker carpeting and a more intimate feel.