Animal Odors: Past Pets Leaving Present Issues

Anyone who has dealt with animal odors that linger and stink are aware of the headache it can cause. Walking into a room and getting a sudden waft of an unwelcome odor can spoil a room and lead to stress with finding out the source and how to deal with. However, sometimes the culprit isn’t the most obvious suspects.

Having a horrible smell or stain as a result of a pet's accident cannot always be attributed to the 'usual suspects'.

Having a horrible smell or stain as a result of a pet’s accident cannot always be attributed to the ‘usual suspects’.

One of the biggest issues with animal stains and smells are that they can sometimes be hard to find. In fact there have been cases of a room smelling for over a year without the homeowner being able to pinpoint the exact area of the issue. Whenever an obvious animal odor like urine or scent marking is smelled, it is easy to find the nearest pet and use them as a scapegoat. It is under these circumstances that poor puppies and kittens who are innocent may be scolded and sometimes given up because their nuisances aren’t welcome. It is actually sometimes an aged stain, one that happened from a visiting pet or a previous pet.

There are very common reports of homeowners finding urine stains and awful smells residing in areas where their dog could not have reached. These cases usually come back with the discovery that a past owned ferret is the culprit. Many teenagers looking for a fun pet to call their own get a ferret that they allow to run loose in their room or common room. Sometimes a parent will even report never knowing their son or daughter had a ferret because their child snuck it home and as pets they usually remain hidden in small spaces around furniture. Fortunately, old and harden ferret urine stains can be treated.

Another issue that arises is when a guest brings over their dog or cat for a short amount of time who then sneaks off to do their business in unfamiliar territory. The stain isn’t found until way later, sometimes days, and a pet owner will begin to blame their own pup or kitty. It is much harder to relieve a stain or smell from a carpet or rug that has been sitting for days at a time and has settled in. Cat urine and ferret urine are very acidic and can cause serious issues in the carpet pad if they are left for too long.

If you have experienced an awful smelling animal odor as the result of a stain or spray in your home, don’t wait any longer to have a professional come remedy the situation. Contact our pet odor removal experts at Steamers Carpet Care

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