Advantages of Quality Carpet Padding

Advantages of Quality Carpet Padding

When putting down carpet, an important component that’s often overlooked is the carpet padding. The padding provides an extra layer of cushioning for your feet and additional support for your carpet. Inadequate or cheap padding can result in extra wear and tear on your new carpet and often cost you a lot more in the long run.

A good carpet pad can smooth out imperfections in the floor surface and provide a little more insulation for your room, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Moreover, if you have downstairs neighbors, a carpet pad can dampen their racket as well as preserve your privacy.

Carpet padding is designed to fit certain carpet types. When selecting a cushion, look at the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. The wrong pad can affect the carpet’s appearance, causing wrinkles and buckling. For most residential carpets you’ll want to choose a pad no thicker than 7/16 inch and no thinner than ¼ inch with a density of 6 lbs per cubic foot.

For more information on carpet padding, contact your carpet manufacturer or talk to an experienced carpet seller.

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