These are actual testimonials that our clients have communicated to us over the years. They are true, genuine, and unsolicited, and demonstrate our commitment to our customers.


Matt and Kevin did a very superb job. They were extremely polite, explained everything that needed to be done and did it with a smile. After experiences with some folks, almost everything turns into a bucket of worms. Not this time. Thanks a lot for a fantastic job.
Robert in Kingsbury


TJ and Jimmy were in and out quickly and did a wonderful job. They moved our furniture, in fact, they moved more furniture than I was expecting. I think they were very professional and courteous. I will recommend you to neighbors.
David Rucinski


Just wanted to thank you, your guys were great. They were very courteous and even with all the mud outside, they were very considerate of my home. I’m sure we will have you guys back after my grandkids visit, thanks again.
Rodney S.



I would like for you to know that our carpets look great from their cleaning today. Bobby & his partner (so sorry I can’t remember his name) were very nice and efficient. One of the nicest things they did was leave us each a pair of the shoe covers. It made it so nice when we had to go into one of the cleaned rooms before the carpet had dried. We appreciate the ease of scheduling, the friendliness of everyone that has come to our home and the services we have received.



TJ and Jimmy did an outstanding job. They are both very hard workers and I appreciate the work they did. There were some stains that did not come out completely and they explained that to me. I used to clean carpets and I know they gave it all they could. I will definitely remember you in the future.


Let Jon know that Jimmy and Joe are very nice people. They cleaned my tile today and they did a real nice job. I appreciate the work they did and I am very satisfied. I have your business cards and I will be passing them out to friends and family.
Bob Betz


The boys did a very good job. They were very professional and did a good thorough job. Just wanted to let you know they were great!
Cindy Jones


I just wanted to give kudos to TJ and Art. They were extremely professional and did a great job to remove pet stains. They are a very efficient pair. Please reward them well!
Kris Chafin


This is my first time using Steamer’s Carpet Care. I have used other companies for years, there was one team that did good but other visits didn’t go well. They just made it seem like they cleaned the carpet, when I ran my hand across the carpet, there was still dog hair and was still dirty. Art and Larry were wonderful. They did a great job, went above and beyond. They were very polite, friendly, hard working and exceeded my expectations. They listened to everything I asked them to do and even did things I didn’t ask them to do. I just wanted to call so they get the credit they deserve. When I call back for my next service, I would like Art and Larry to come back.


Your guys were delightful and very efficient. They came in and knew exactly what to do. Very pleasant, nice young men.