Experienced Professionals

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Matt, TJ, Bobby, & Jimmy

Steamer’s Carpet Care is proud of its employees! Here are a couple of pictures of employees who have been with the company for over five years. The four technicians shown had never worked for a carpet cleaning company before Steamer’s Carpet Care, and started as carpet cleaning apprentices and then worked their way to being lead carpet cleaning technicians. Each technician pictured joined Steamer’s Carpet Care in the same year and have been here for almost eight years! Their teamwork is superb and the level of carpet cleaning experience of each of these technicians is very high since each has cleaned thousands of homes and businesses.

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Maria & Irene

Maria and Irene also have both been with Steamer’s Carpet Care for over five years. Maria joined the company in 2005 and Irene joined us in 2008. Both are incredible assets to our company and are the ladies that book your cleaning service when you call our office.

Thanks to all employees of Steamer’s Carpet Care and especially to these fine people that have been with us for so long!

Carpet Cleaning Video

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Well you can tell by this video that we better be good at carpet cleaning, because we sure are not going to make it in Hollywood. But on the more serious side, this video shows how our company can use knowledge and hard work to get your carpet clean.

See our video that shows dirt and grime coming out of the carpet:


Pancakes For Carpet Cleaners

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Here I am getting the grub cooking before a hard day’s work!

When your employees are hungry … you must feed them! At Steamer’s Carpet Care, we don’t just take pride in our carpet cleaning skills or how we can make tile & grout look like new, we also take great pride in our love for breakfast. As any person who swings a wand all day will tell you, having the right nutrition (or at least some nutrition) before starting a full day of carpet cleaning is important.

Besides the nutrition value, we all enjoy getting to share breakfast from time to time together. Part of what clients can expect from Steamer’s Carpet Care is employees that feel apart of the company, which translates to employees that will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with our work in terms of quality and service.

photo 2
Not bad for a carpet cleaner!

Call Steamer’s Carpet Care today at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400 if you are in need of carpet cleaning or tile cleaning. We also clean air ducts and upholstery. From San Antonio to Boerne, or from New Braunfels to Seguin, we will send out the most qualified (and most well fed) carpet cleaner to insure that your home looks great!

It’s A Good Time For Carpet Cleaning

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spring picture
Spring is just around the corner. Time to start planning your spring cleaning!

Spring is almost here! Along with the rest of the nation, all of us here in the San Antonio area have had enough of winter. Although we are in the middle of March, our mornings the past 30 days have been filled with fog and drizzle. But now the forecast seems to show more of a regular pattern building back in our Texas weather, so you can feel safe in starting your spring cleaning!

With this brutal winter, many of us have been cooped up inside our homes. Parents, kids, and pets have all retreated to the warmth of the indoors which adds to more traffic on the carpet. Add on top of that the wet stuff that comes indoors from our shoes, and the carpet is in desperate need of help!

At Steamer’s Carpet Care, we can clean your carpet to get the dirt out and the fresh smell back in! Just call us and our friendly staff will easily setup an appointment for one of our crews to get your carpet clean again. Our company is good at making everything easy for you … from setting the appointment to the two-man crew that cleans your carpet, everything is done in a polite and efficient manner.

Steamer’s Carpet Care provides carpet cleaning in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin. Call us today at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400 to schedule your appointment!

Home Show Was Great!

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Thank you to everybody that stopped by our booth at the San Antonio Home & Garden Show! This year’s show was filled with lots of people eager to get their spring cleaning and projects underway. We enjoyed visiting with those of you who took the time to stop by our booth and we look forward to possibly serving you in the future with any of your carpet cleaning needs!

What To Do About Dust

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Air duct cleaning might be the answer to your dust problems, but carpet cleaning could be the less expensive option with possibly better results.

A call that we frequently get is what to do about excessive dust. Usually, a client tells us that they are having to dust their furniture several times a week to keep the dust under control and they are wanting some information about air duct cleaning. Steamer’s Carpet Care provides air duct cleaning, but what we like to ask our clients is when was the last time that they cleaned their carpet? If the answer is “not in a long time”, we usually recommend that they start with getting their carpets cleaned, and if they are still having a dust problem, then we can look into cleaning the air ducts.

It only makes sense that carpet could be the primary culprit behind excessive dust in the home. For starters, our shoes bring a lot of dust in the house each day. Also, each time that we step on carpet that hasn’t been kept clean, small dust clouds rise into the air and then settle back down on different places such as the furniture. Carpet cleaning is usually cheaper than air duct cleaning, plus you have the joy of seeing clean carpet after the job is done . . . air duct cleaning not so much.

So if you are seeing a lot of dust, follow this advice. Start by making sure that your carpet is vacuumed frequently and then make sure that you have a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. If you are still experiencing a lot of dust in your home, then look into getting your air ducts cleaned by an honest and legitimate air duct cleaner.

Steamer’s Carpet Care provides professional carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin. Call us at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400 to setup an appointment.

San Antonio Home & Garden Show

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The Steamer’s Carpet Care booth down at the San Antonio Home & Garden Show.

Come on down to the Alamodome this weekend and see us at the San Antonio Home & Garden show! Steamer’s Carpet Care is proud to be a long term exhibitor at the show which features many companies that deal with homes. There will be landscapers, builders, pool companies, and of course, the best carpet cleaning company in San Antonio (that’s us)! There is plenty to see and do, and there is also a lot to eat and drink as well!

Book your appointment for carpet cleaning or any other type of cleaning at the Home & Garden Show with Steamer’s Carpet Care, and we will give you a 10% discount on all of those services. Rules are that you must book your appointment at the San Antonio Home & Garden show only, the discount will not be given for appointments booked on the phone during that time period, and your appointment must be booked before the show ends. Steamer’s Carpet Care offers this incredible way of saving LOTS of money on cleaning each year!

We will see you there!


Tile & Grout Cleaning In The Bathroom

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Steamer’s Carpet Care has a “do it yourself” solution to this mildew mess!

We get a number of calls from customers complaining about mildew in their shower, and wonder if Steamer’s Carpet Care can come clean the shower grout lines to remove the mildew. Of course Steamer’s Carpet Care has tile & grout cleaning as a service, but our customers are thrilled to hear that we have a simpler and less expensive process that will remove mildew from the shower.

A product that we’ve been recommending for years on ceramic tiled showers is Tylex Mold & Mildew Remover. You can buy it at your local grocery store and it is excellent at removing mildew. Follow the instructions and your shower will look incredible in a short amount of time!

For other tile and grout cleaning in San Antonio, or even New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin, feel free to call Steamer’s Carpet Care. Our tile and grout cleaning provides excellent results and will leave your tile floor looking incredible! We also provide grout sealing for clients that want to extend the time between cleanings. Steamer’s Carpet Care also cleans carpet, upholstery, and air ducts. Call (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400 to schedule your appointment today!

Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Sweetie

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valentine heartsValentine’s Day is fast approaching. What a better way to show that special someone that you love them than to have your home refreshed with clean carpet. You can only imagine what your sweetie will say when they come through the door and see that you have surprised them with a professional carpet cleaning that makes their home look clean and smell refreshed.

If you are interested in carpet cleaning, either as a gift or because it’s time to get it done, call Steamer’s Carpet Care today at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400. We serve San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin. We will work hard to get your home looking and smelling great!


Carpet Cleaning – Before & After

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Before and after carpet cleaning pictures.

People always tell me that Steamer’s Carpet Care should show more before and after pictures of our carpet cleaning. Although we have plenty of those types of carpet cleaning pictures, for some reason, we have not posted many of them on our website.

Here is a picture from a recent cleaning that we did on a home that was not really that dirty, but you can still see what a difference there is between the clean and non-cleaned areas.

If you like what you see and are ready for clean carpet, then hire a professional carpet cleaner to insure that your carpets will get as clean as possible.  Here at Steamer’s Carpet Care we provide carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and air duct cleaning in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin.  Call us at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400 to schedule your appointment!